Bunten, Lassiter Object to "Words"

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Mayor Bill Bunten took exception Tuesday night to Lana Kennedy's comments claiming that his job responsibilities are largely "ceremonial." In a tutorial of his job description, Bunten objected to the use of the word. He named a long list of organizations the mayor of Topeka is part of, and his obligations under the city ordinance creating the "weak mayor" and "city manager" form of government.

Bunten said anyone who runs for the office next April and in the future, must not be discouraged from seeking the office because it's described as "ceremonial only." Bunten said he is commited to the task of making Topeka safer and cleaner, and is sure Topekans don't want their mayor thought of as a "back slapping, hand shaking PR bozo."

A few minutes, Sandra Lassiter of the Community First came to the podium, expressing her displeasure that the old Sumner School will be disposed of at an "auction." She said the historic building is much too important to be sold to the highest bidder.. and with a minimum bid of $50,000.. said the Community First investment group has more than enough to cover the bid, and wants to be taken seriously as a group that can purchase the school, doesn't want the school to sit empty, and can move ahead with renovation plans.