Step Up For Children 2008

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Topeka, KS (WIBW) Thousands of children in Kansas have no health insurance, live in poverty, and are abused or neglected, it is for that reason that dozens gathered this morning at the statehouse.

Nationwide people are gathering at their state capitols for "Step Up For Children" in 20008 Elections.

Tuesday morning at the steps of the capitol the Topeka High School Jazz Band played in the background as people gathered. Gary Brunk, President and CEP of Kansas Action for Children, Janet Schalansky, President and CEO of Kansas Children's Service League and Attorney General Stephen Six all spoke about the importance of remembering children's needs in this election year.

KCSL wants you to be knowledgeable this election year and provides these facts and questions they want all of us to think about as we vote.

Each year some 3 million children experience abuse or neglect in our country. In Kansas, there were more than 53,000 abuse and neglect reports last year.

Our questions to the candidates: What are your plans to keep all children safe from violence in their homes, schools, and communities.

More than eight million of our nation's children have no health insurance, 51,000 (enough to fill K-State's Bill Snyder Family Stadium) live here in Kansas.

Our question to the candidates: How do you propose to ensure that children grow up healthy and have access to comprehensive health care?

Some 13 million children live in poverty in the U.S. In Kansas, 1 of 6 children or (17.61%) under the age of 18 are living below 100% poverty.

Our question to the candidates: What would you do to help families with children become economically self-sufficient and able to provide for their families needs?

Millions of our country's children lack access to early learning opportunities. Currently in Kansas, Early Head Start services are only available to only six out of every 100 qualified children.

Our question to candidates: What is your position on early learning and care, including preparing children for Kindergarten?