Kansas National Guard Offers Assistance to Texas

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Kansas is waiting for word on how to help Texas officials continue recovering from Hurricane Ike, even as rescue crews discovered a bright spot amid the devastation Monday.

Rescuers searching a hard-hit isolated area near Galveston found 60 people alive. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of evacuees are lining up for food, water and gasoline.

The death toll from Ike and its remnants in ten states stands at 39.

The Kansas National Guard has three Black Hawks and 21 crew members assisting in Houston, and the state is ready to do more.

"It's really now whatever Texas needs," KS Adjutant General Tod Bunting said Monday. "They're largely through with response and are now in recovery which we can say from experience - the devastation is one thing - the recovery from that much water is the hardest of storms to recover from."

Bunting says the last Guard soldiers who assisted with supply distribution in Louisiana following Hurricane Gustav returned to Kansas Monday. They could be asked to do the same in Texas. The state has also offered use of the Guard's mobile hospital unit.