Laura Bush Arrives in Topeka Today

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First Lady Laura Bush will be in the Capitol City Tuesday. She is taking the place of her husband who cancelled to handle matters with the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.

The First Lady will campaign to a selected group at a private residence Tuesday on behalf of Lynn Jenkins. The fundraiser will be held at the home of a Topeka-area heart surgeon John Jolliff.

Meanwhile, the visit has spurred the Congressional battle. Congresswoman Nancy Boyda's supporters planned a "Major Rally" for Monday morning at the Statehouse. It was cancelled at the last minute.

Hersh criticized Boyda's rally for accountable government. He says Boyda accepted $22,000 in campaign funds from New York Congressman Charles Rangel. Hersh says the cash is ethically tainted. He says Rangel is in trouble with the IRS for failing to pay taxes on a beachfront property. You can hear the entire interview by clicking on the video link attached to this story.

Congresswoman Boyda's spokesperson Thomas Seay responded to the accusations with this comment:

"This is just a transparent attempt to distract from the fact that, tomorrow morning, Lynn Jenkins will waste tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to fly a Washington guest to her closed-door fundraiser.

There's no doubt that claims of wrongdoing by public officials are serious matters that deserve thorough investigation. That's why Congresswoman Boyda helped write the toughest ethics rules in Congressional history, and it's why she led the charge to expand the powers of the House Ethics Committee.

These new laws give the Committee the authority it needs to dig into allegations of wrongdoing and find the truth," Thomas Seay.

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