Quick Texting Wins Kansas Woman $1,000

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HUTCHINSON, Kan. (AP) _ Lightning-fast fingers and thumbs have
netted a 21-year-old Kansas woman the $1,000 first prize in Kansas
State Fair's text messaging contest.

Being a good speller helped, too.

Brittany Goertzen of Hutchinson on Sunday typed
``supercalifragilisticexpialidocious'' faster than any of the other
contestants in the event sponsored by U.S. Cellular. In less than
30 seconds, Goertzen punched in the 34-letter word and hit the send

A judge said it took longer for her to check the spelling than
it did for Goertzen to type and send the word.

Contestants ranged from 13 years old to the mid-40s. The
14-year-old third-place winner gets plenty of practice -- she said
she sent 8,000 text messages last month.

U.S. Cellular brought the event to the Kansas State Fair this
year after seeing the contest at another fair.