Flooding Closes Lyon County Roads

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Heavy rains have closed several roads in Lyon County. Highway 99/57 is closed north of Emporia to road 195 and south to road 130 towards Olpe.

Officials closed the highway overnight Sunday and hope to reopen it Monday.

The Kansas Turnpike Authority has opened up its special gate at milepost 123 because of the flooding.

The rains also closed several other Lyon County roads:
Road A from 170 to 180
1700 block of C
1700 and 2400 blocks of D
Intersection of 240 and E-5
F from 140 to 150
G from 150 to 170 including lockerman road (160)
Intersection of G and west US 50
Overlander road and old highway 50
800 and 1600 blocks of H
Intersection of 140 and K
1800 block of road 150
M-5 from 160 to 165
Intersection of 160 and M
N from 160 to 165
Intersection of 150 and N
P from 140 to 160
Intersections of R and 160 and R and old 50
Intersection of S and 150
T from 130 to 150
Intersection of 150 and U.

Also, a horseshoe of the olpe-hartford road is closed on both sides of V and 122 to V-6 and 145

W from 110 to 122
Road 67
Intersection of X and 67