Sebelius Challenges Palin Choice

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TOPEKA - Governor Kathleen Sebelius continues to criticize Sarah Palin's selection as the Republican vice presidential nominee.

A state GOP official says Sebelius is "whining."

Kansas Republican Party executive director Christian Morgan said
today that the governor ``should talk about things she knows

At the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson yesterday, Sebelius said
no company CEO would ever choose a top lieutenant and potential
successor the way that McCain picked Palin for a running mate.

Sebelius said McCain's choice represents how he makes decisions.
She said the vetting process of her as a possible running mate for
Barack Obama was extensive.

Morgan said Sebelius sees that Palin's selection has helped
McCain's campaign. For example, recent polls in the key
battleground states of Florida and Pennsylvania suggested that
McCain had gained ground on Obama.