Sebelius Rips McCain's choice of Palin

HUTCHINSON, Kansas (AP) Governor Sebelius says no company CEO
would ever choose a top lieutenant and potential successor the way that John McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate.

The Democratic governor said in Hutchinson yesterday that the choice is "a little frightening,'' and represents how the GOP presidential candidate makes decisions. Sebelius said the vetting process of her as a possible running mate for Barack Obama was extensive.

Sebelius noted that McCain wrapped up his primary contest early and had six months to decide on a running mate. She cited news accounts that McCain met the Alaska governor only once before he announced her as his choice for vice president.

The governor said McCain seemed to be "desperate to infuse new life'' into the Republican ticket in naming Palin.

The Kansas GOP issued the following response to Sebelius' statements about Gov. Palin:
“Kathleen Sebelius's continuous attacks on Sarah Palin are getting old and really show how out of touch she is not only with Americans but Kansas voters as well. The fact is that Sebelius knows nothing about the vetting process Sarah Palin went through nor does she know anything more about Sarah Palin than the divisive talking points she is shilling for Obama. If the issue is indeed competence in vetting, one can look at Sebelius's utter failure at vetting Paul Morrison as she hand-picked him for Kansas Attorney General.

“Sebelius's constant personal attacks on Governor Palin like she is "frightening" or that Governor Palin on the "fringe" are ridiculous and really shows that Sebelius, Obama and Pelosi are really in panic mode. Panic mode because Kathleen Sebelius is finally realizing that her meal-ticket to Washington, Obama, is losing this election. The American people support the choice of Governor Palin as do Kansans - the polls show it and the thousands of new volunteers and contributors prove it.

"It is unfortunate to see this Governor who is touted by some as a non-partisan uniter turn into a prop for Obama's campaign. Kathleen Sebelius should take some of her own advice and stop the personal attacks and start talking about the issues, Kansans and Americans would all appreciate it."