Barack and Dave Talk Politics

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NEW YORK - Barack Obama says that former President Clinton,
once his political nemesis, will campaign for him during the weeks
leading up to Election Day.
Appearing on CBS' ``Late Show with David Letterman,'' Obama says
``there's nobody smarter in politics.'' The Democratic presidential
nominee says he's ``thrilled'' that the former president will be
stumping for him.
The two are scheduled to have lunch tomorrow at Clinton's office
in New York. A Clinton spokesman says the former president will
campaign for Obama at a yet-to-be announced site in Florida on
September 29th, with plans for more fundraising and events in the
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton already has been hitting the
trail for Obama.
During the Democratic presidential primary, the former president
acted as his wife's chief defender from Obama's successful
challenge to her candidacy, which strained relations between them.