German firefighters use net to capture kangaroo

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BERLIN (AP) -- An escaped kangaroo kept police and firefighters busy after fleeing its owner's home and bounding through a small town near Cologne. The animal was eventually caught in a net and returned to its owner on Tuesday.

Police said the kangaroo was unharmed, and no charges would be filed.

The chase began after a Siegburg town resident reported seeing a kangaroo jumping down a main street Monday night.

"Officers tried to lure the kangaroo with dog treats, but it didn't work," Siegburg police spokesman Eckhard Gieseler said.

Firefighters snared the kangaroo with a net, while a veterinarian ensured its safety.

"The kangaroo was not injured in the capture," Gieseler said.

Police drove the kangaroo to a nearby animal shelter and broadcast news of the capture on the radio Tuesday morning. They received a call from a resident saying his neighbor kept two kangaroos, and police returned the escaped animal on Tuesday.

Police are confirming with customs officials that the kangaroos were legally imported, Gieseler said.

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