Man Pleads Guilty in Armored Car Heist

FARMINGTON, Mo. (AP) A 60-year-old St. Louis County man faces sentencing in November after a plea agreement to charges that he played a role in the theft of an armored car.

Eugene Ford pleaded guilty Tuesday to felony stealing in connection with the 2006 theft that took place while the vehicle was getting gasoline at a service station in Farmington.

Authorities say Ford's adult daughter, Leanne Dotson of Arnold, and her boyfriend, Scott MacKinnon of Desloge, actually pulled off the heist, but Ford was involved in the planning. Dotson and MacKinnon are already in prison for their roles in the crime.

Authorities say Dotson drove the truck to a secluded area to hook up with MacKinnon. Pictures taken there by a farmer helped lead to the arrests.