YMCA Helps Families Get Fit

TOPEKA, Kan. - The YMCA of Topeka in partnership with local and state organizations has developed Strong Kids, a program developed to help children and families with weight problems.

"Increased physical activity, healthy eating, and the knowledge to do both is of associated with weight problems," said YMCA Wellness Director Joe Hodgson. "That is why the YMCA of Topeka, along with our partners is working to provide supportive environments for families to adopt healthy lifestyles."

Strong Kids shifts how the YMCA works inside and outside the Topeka community to engage children, adults and families whose successful pursuit of health and well being spirit, mind and body requires continuous supportive relationships and environments. "People are often overwhelmed or intimidated by the thought of changes in diet and exercise programs, especially if they are new to exercising," said Hodgson. "Strong Kids will help to address these issues."

The program lasts for 10 weeks and parents are expected to attend weekly meetings on Tuesday nights.

"One of the mottos of the YMCA is strong kids, strong families, strong communities," said Hodgson. "So as we're helping these kids learn about nutrition and activity, their families are involved with them. And so as we're strengthening the family, as they're working together on these issues, I really think that it's building a stronger community, too."