Man Claiming to be Cox Employee a Fraud

TOPEKA, Kan. - The Topeka Police Department reminds citizens to be extra vigilant when unsolicited services – such as home repairs, lawn service and cable – are offered by strangers going door-to-door.

The Topeka Police Department has received several reports of a man going door-to-door, representing himself as a Cox Communications employee, and offering “debt forgiveness” in exchange for cash. The man is not an employee of Cox Communications and we have received several reports of people giving him money.

“Any person believing to have been approached by this individual can contact Cox Communications directly at either the local office or at 785-368-1000. Any person affected by this scam, that has written documentation, will be reimbursed by Cox Communications. Please be advised that all legitimate Cox Direct Sales Representatives will have official Cox ID photo badges on them at all times,” said Kelly Zega, Manager of Public Affairs for Cox Communications.

The Topeka Police Department doesn’t want to see anyone taken advantage of, so everyone is encouraged to research the person or company and verify employment prior to hiring them – especially if they come to your doorstep.

Some things that you can do to make sure you aren’t victimized, include:

Use the phone book to find a company, rather than someone who comes to your doorstep.
Take time to research the person or company. Check with the Better Business Bureau.
Ask for references and check them.

There are also warning signs of potential scams that you should be aware of, they include:

Pressure to sign or buy something right away.
Unwillingness to explain the details of a service.
Tricky wording or vague language.

If persons have been victimized, please contact the Topeka Police Department to file a report.