Commission Approves New Fire Station for Silver Lake Area

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The Silver Lake area will be getting a new fire station to improve coverage.

Shawnee County Commissioners approved Grove Township's request for the new station at their meeting Thursday morning. The township has plans to build a new community center, and would like to house fire trucks in part of the facility.

Silver Lake's fire chief Joe Hawkins says Grove Township would be a great choice for a new station because of its location.

"We do have volunteers that live in that neighborhood, and because of the distance from Silver Lake, they would be able to respond to that station," Hawkins said. "We also have two major railroads that go through our fire district and all of our stations are south of the railroads, and this will give us one north of there. Also because of floods... this would give us a station north of Soldier Creek."

Hawkins says they already have the trucks for the new station.

The Silver Lake Fire District has about 4400 people in it.