Kansas Senator Praises McCain as Leader, Friend

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Calling Sen. John McCain a friend and a leader, Kansas Senator Sam Brownback took the stage at the Republican National Convention Thursday night.

Brownback spoke for about five minutes in the hours leading up to McCain's appearance.

Brownback said McCain is a person who will do what he says, even if it hurts him. He pointed to McCain's service as a prisoner of war and said the dedication to his men while captive is the same dedication the country can expect of him as President.

Brownback also lashed out at Democrats and what he characterized as a lack of progress while they've controlled Congress.

"While the other side may say, 'Yes, we can,' then vote, 'No, you won't,' John McCain says, 'Yes, we will,'" Brownback said, prompting chants of "Yes, we will" from the partisan crowd.

As for his own future, Brownback told 13 News earlier Thursday he's not pursuing a cabinet position in a possible McCain administration. He says he'll look at the Kansas governor's race after this election cycle. He's already said he won't seek a third Senate term in 2010.