Brownback Readies for RNC Spotlight, Reacts to Palin Speech

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Kansas Senator Sam Brownback steps into the spotlight on Thursday's final night of the Republican National Convention.

Brownback will speak in the hours leading up to Sen. John McCain's official acceptance of the GOP Presidential nomination. Brownback says he'll make two points. The first, he says, will be to point out differences between McCain and Democrat Barack Obama on issues like energy and the economy. Second, he says he'll share his own insights into who McCain is as a person from their time working together and even competing against each other, when Brownback launched his own Presidential bid.

Brownback also says he was impressed by VP nominee Gov. Sarah Palin's speech Wednesday night. Brownback said "a star was born," and felt Palin addressed the issues of the middle class as someone who has lived them. As for whether the pregnancy of Palin's 17-year old daughter should be an issue as the campaign moves forward, Brownback says only in so much as he feels it shows how to handle a tough situation.

"Life happens," Brownback said. He says the situation illustrates Palin's conviction that "life is sacred, even in troubling circumstances."

Asked about his future plans, Brownback, who has already said he won't seek a third Senate term in 2010, said he will look into the Kansas Governor's race when this election cycle is over. He also says it is "unlikely" he would be a cabinet member in a McCain administration, saying it's not something he is pursuing.

Brownback says he'll continue to campaign for McCain and Republicans in Kansas.