Candidate Talks To Voters on Live Chat

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Several of you took the opportunity to get to know one U.S. Senate candidate a little better Thursday.

Democrat Jim Slattery logged on for a live chat at over the noon hour from his Topeka campaign office.

Slattery shared his views on taxes, energy and controlling spending. He told chatters he supports development of wind energy and believes emphasis should be placed on developing more fuel-efficient vehicles, perhaps hybrids and electrics. He also supports lifting the ban on off-shore oil drilling.

Slattery also said he opposes privatizing Social Security. He said the best ways to reduce spending are to have a pay-as-you-go budget -- making a cut each time you make an addition; withdrawing troops from Iraq as soon as possible; and ending irresponsible earmarks.

Some 600 unique users looked in on the one-hour discussion.

Other candidates, including Slattery's opponent, Republican incumbent Pat Roberts, have been offered the same opportunity. 13 News will alert viewers when the candidates are able to arrange their schedules.