Convicted Murderers Appeal Life Sentences

Carl Baker and Kimberly Sharp

TOPEKA, Kan. - Two people convicted of the murder of a homeless advocate in 2006 are now appealing their sentences.

Carl Baker and Kimberly Sharp are scheduled for hearings Thursday morning before the Kansas Supreme Court.

Both were convicted and sentenced to life in prison for the murder and kidnapping of David Owen in July of 2006 and both have filed appeals.

Court records indicate Baker was sentenced to life with an earliest parole of 20 years plus 233 months imprisonment. The issues he listed in court documents for appeal are: Defense request for instruction on compulsion, admission of crime scene photographs, closing arguments by the state, and sentencing.

Sharp was sentenced to a controlling life sentence of life without parole eligibility for 20 years. The issues listed in court documents for appeal are: Denial of motion to suppress statement to police, limits on cross-examination of co-defendant, hearsay statements from two co-defendants, and cumulative error.

Owen's body was found near the Kansas River July 2, 2006.

John Cornell and Charles Hollingsworth, III, are also serving sentences for Owen's murder.