Kansas Farm Wife Takes GOP Convention Spotlight

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A Kansas woman took center stage at the Republican National Convention Wednesday night.

Carolyn Dunn and her husband run a farm in Saint John, in Stafford County.

In her four-minute address, Dunn said farmers need support to ensure they can continue to be a safe source of food for the country. She also called for government policies that give young a people a reason to want to remain in rural communities.

Dunn said John McCain is the Presidential candidate who will help realize those goals. She said McCain will invest in renewable energy and high tech connectivity, and will priority policies to revitalize rural America.

Adding to the Kansas buzz during Dunn's speech - former Kansas Senator and 1996 GOP Presidential nominee Bob Dole arrived in the convention hall while Dunn was onstage.

Dunn's speech was originall scheduled for Tuesday night, but was pushed back amid the rescheduling sparked by Hurricane Gustav.