One Of The Wichita Wandering Elk Has Been Killed

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WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE)-- UPDATE: Kansas authorities had to fatally shoot an escaped elk inside Wichita city limits after it eluded officers for hours.

A Kansas Highway Patrol trooper killed the female elk on Monday afternoon after it and two others escaped from a farm that morning. Authorities tried but failed to hit the animal with a tranquilizer dart. They say they shot it to keep it from running into a busy intersection.

The animal traveled about 5 miles through city streets and residents' backyards before it was shot.

Its owner tells KWCH-TV he planned to butcher the elk at the end of the year. He says they likely broke through the fence after being spooked by dove hunters.

Authorities are still searching for the other elk.


UPDATE: Police say they've found the owner of three elk that are roaming the streets in northwest Wichita. They say the man keeps the elk as pets on his farm inside Wichita city limits.

The owner is on his way to the neighborhood to help capture the animals. Police say a private animal control expert has been brought in to tranquilize the animals and transport them back to the man's home. An official from the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks is also on scene to make sure the capture goes as planned.

It's not known at this time how the elk escaped. Police say it is legal for residents to keep a certain number of exotic animals like elk within the city limits.


Residents in northwest Wichita had a couple of surprise guests drop in for their Labor Day barbecues. Two elk wandered into the city limits and into a residential neighborhood near the area of West and 16th.

Officials say one elk ran off and was last seen near the big ditch. The other is still in the neighborhood. Animal control officers say they need to capture the animals because they could hurt someone.

It's not clear yet how the elk found their way into Wichita. Experts say it is uncommon for elk to travel this far south into Kansas but it can happen. Officials at the Sedgwick County Zoo say they've counted their elk population and found none to be missing.