Wichita Man Helps Wreck Victims, His Car Is Stolen

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WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE)--- A Good Samaritan trying to help out people in a car crash becomes a victim of a car jacking. This happened just after 5 p. m. near MacArthur and Alfalfa street.

Melvin Applebury tells KAKE news he was driving by and noticed the accident. That's when he got out of his van to help out. But his good deed soon turned into a nightmare.

He said, "we came down the street to an accident that had just happened and we pulled over to go back and help the people that were in the car that had wrecked."

Wichita Police say a truck struck the car which caused it to roll over. WPD says tell us someone was pinned in that rolled over car. However, the woman driving the truck, who was also involved in the wreck, decided to steal the good Samaritan's van and run from the scene. Sgt. Bob Gulliver, Wichita Police Department said, "during the incident one of the drivers exited from one of the wrecked vehicles and got into the vehicle of a witness."

Melvin said, "we were trying to help and when you go back to help you don't think about someone stealing your car while you're helping somebody hurt in an accident."

Melvin tells us that him and another person tried to stop the woman from leaving the scene but failed. Wichita PD say they located the carjacker after she got the van into a wreck. Police said, "we are speaking with her now and trying to figure out what actually occurred and what was going through her mind."

Pearlie Hill, the van owner, said she's frustrated about the whole situation. She said, "that's the only vehicle we had. we don't have a way to go anywhere or do anything."

The passengers in the flipped over car were sent to the hospital.