Future Vision of Topeka- Shawnee County Drafted

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TOPEKA, Kan. - The Heartland Visioning Task Force has finished its draft of a strategic plan for the future development of Topeka and Shawnee County.

Some 196 people were on the visioning task force, which met for three months starting in May, 2008.

Heartland Visioning gathered input from more than 800 area residents, compiled statistical data and Thursday agreed on a final draft, including the addition of a special statement explaining the purpose of the strategic plan.

The 33-page draft looks at how to attract a skilled workforce, with high paying jobs, keeping young people in the community, dealing with unemployment, and numerous other issues.

The official release to the public is Monday, Aug. 25.

A major element in the plan is how to get leadership from the private sector to inspire citizens in what Heartland Visioning says is "to achieve a bold and courageous future."