DA Hecht Responds to City of Topeka's Motion to Toss Lawsuit

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Strong words from Shawnee County District Attorney Robert Hecht in responding to the city of Topeka's motion to throw out a case over software and helicopter purchases.

Hecht filed a response totalling more than 200 pages when exhibits are included.

Hecht says the software purchase isn't legal because the council overrode a mayoral veto. He says the city's charter ordinance doesn't allow for overrides and a ruling that it does would amount to "judicial tyranny...usurping powers of the electorate."

The city also argued in its filing that the helicopter portion of the case was moot because the council canceled that purchase. Hecht says, despite that, the court must still rule on the legality of the procedure used to authorize it in the first place - a communication added to the agenda at the last minute.

The city has 21 days to respond to Hecht's filing.

Hecht's filing is attached to this story.