Preliminary Hearing for Nacole Winter Murder

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A November 17th jury trial has been set for the man accused of killing a fifteen year-old girl two years ago. Christopher Hall has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Nacole Winter, whose body was found near Lake Shawnee in December 2006, partially burned.

As Winter's family sat in the courtroom and watched the hearing, Hall's two brothers testified to their involvement in the murder, as did the Shawnee Co. Coroner. Winter's step-mother Vicki took the stand before them.

The Shawnee County Coroner testified to the extent of the injuries on winter's body, describing bruises up to 3-4 inches in length. He ruled blunt force injuries to be the cause of death and that it was a homicide.

Dr. Mitchell also said that a Rape Kit was used during Winter's Autopsy, but it proved inconclusive.

Before that, Hall's brother Michael testified to having seen Winter's body for the first time at the Fairlawn Green Apartment Complex after Christopher asked him to help dispose of the body.

Not believing his brother, Michael asked to see the body. Christopher then led him to the complex's basement where they found the fifteen year-old's bruised, naked body in a trash can, underneath a green tarp.

It was then that Christopher described the murder, according to Michael, saying he first strangled Winter with his hands before using a cord.

The brothers then went to get Anthony, a third brother to help them hide the body.

The trio decided to take Winter's body to Lake Shawnee and waited until dark before loading it into a car. On the way out to the lake, Michael said they stopped and filled a red jug with gasoline.

When they got to the lake, Michael described, they lit the body on fire, saying they could see smoke as they left.

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Reporting via Twitter from the Christopher Hall Hearing

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