KC Cop Finds Car Covered With Post It Notes

In 20 years of working with the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department, Detective Stuart Littlefield admits he's probably been a bit of a prankster and a rebel-rouser with many of his police officer friends.

Payback came on Tuesday morning (8/5), the morning of his 50th birthday, when he arrived for work, Littlefield says he found his Wyandotte County-issued police car, entirely covered with four thousand Post-It notes, a birthday prank from his co-workers.

No one's officially claiming the prank. Yellow, blue and pink papers were all over his police car -- which normally looks like any Ford Taurus you might see on the street.

Detective Littlefield and his superiors would like to point out that this creativity was done off the clock, and police department employees even popped for the Post-Its out of their own paychecks. As for whoever's behind this, Littlefield says once he finds out, payback is coming.

Posted by: Nick Viviani