BP Shooting Victim Speaks | Why He Risked His Life For A Stranger

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TOPEKA, Kansas (WIBW) -- Not everyone would step in front of a gun to protect a total stranger -- but that's exactly what one man did at a Topeka gas station last month.

It nearly cost him his life, but as he told 13 News in an exclusive interview, it was the right thing to do.

A man chasing his ex-girlfriend June 30th opened fire at a Topeka BP gas station. Police arrested Daniel Cregut for the incident following an hours-long stand-off.

Nobody lost their life that day, but if it hadn't have been for a complete stranger stepping in, this story may have been much different.

36-year-old Bryon Snyder happened to be at the BP when the woman ran inside. He was grabbing a couple Mountain Dews - like he always did - before returning to work at Stormont Vail. He didn't think he'd end up a patient at the ER instead.

"I heard the gal screaming, running across the street in the parking lot. Obviously something was wrong so I just got her in the door and told her to go hide.

I saw him walking across the parking lot and I put my foot up against the door. And I said something, told him he just needed to go away, and he just smiled and that's when shots started."

Snyder sustained serious injuries to his hand, liver, lungs and heart.

In that instant -

"I just thought about my kids. That's why when I went into survival mode, I had to get out and get help so I was there for them. They gotta grow up with a dad."

He says his 7-year-old is proud of him.

"Makes me feel like a good dad."

Bryon doesn't consider himself a hero.

"It's worth it to do the right thing because if you don't you're just another bystander that let something go. I was the only one at the gas station. So if I hadn't shown up then who knows where it would've gone," he said.

He is now coping with the aftermath with his family. He says he takes it day by day, and tries to keep his mind occupied to avoid reliving the incident.

He hasn't spoken to the woman he saved.

"Just hope she knows that she got her second chance I guess, if she needed one, and just move on the a positive future.

Everyone has their own little destiny. I guess that was mine."

Bryon said most of all he appreciates the support his coworkers at Stormont Vail have given him because they feel like family. He said for them to see him weak is one of the hardest parts.

He hopes to return to his work as a programmer at Stormont Vail in the upcoming weeks.

Daniel Cregut faces more than a dozen charges, including multiple counts of Attempted Murder, Aggravated Assault, Aggravated Burglary, and Criminal Threat. The 51 year-old also faces a lone charge each of Kidnapping, Felony Stalking and Violating a Protection from Abuse order linked to a shooting at the BP store near Huntoon and Lane.

A preliminary hearing for Cregut is scheduled for September 2. He remains jailed on a $1 million bond.