Topeka Girl Gives Sumatran Tiger Cub New Name

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - A Topeka girl who is fighting for her own life got the honor of naming a tiger cub at the Topeka Zoo who also fought for hers.

In November of 2012,Karis Selk, 7, was diagnosed with three brain tumors. She went through several rounds of chemo, radiation and surgeries before she was officially in remission last October.

On Wednesday, she named the tiger known as Cub One, Raza, which means Hope.

"I want to name her hope," said Selk. "I like them because they're really cute."

Raza was the fighter in the group, requiring extra special attention from zoo officials when she was younger.

You can vote on Cub Three's name using the provided link.

The rights to help name Cub Two will be auctioned off at a community event in the coming weeks.