Rare Corpse Flower Set To Bloom In Kansas

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WINFIELD, Kan. (AP) _ With only a few days remaining before the state's first-ever bloom of the rare, stinky corpse flower, a Kansas college has set up a 24-hour webcam for those who want don't want to miss the big event.

Max Thompson, biology professor and greenhouse supervisor at Southwestern College in Windfield, said a corpse flower otherwise known as the Amorphophallus titanum bloomed last fall in Omaha, Nebraska, and another bloomed in Oklahoma City a few years ago.

But so far, Thompson tells The Wichita Eagle that he knows of no other blooms occurring in Kansas.

People flock to the corpse flower because it is huge and rare and because they are drawn to the odor of rotten meat.

The webcam link is at www.gosc.com .

Posted by: Lindsay Sax