5 Biggest Mistakes Made During A Tornado Warning

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WICHITA, Kan. (WIBW) -- National Weather Service meteorologists say they hears the same thing over and over from those in a tornado warning- "I didn't think it would ever happen to me."

More than ever, the focus is on being prepared. So we've compiled a list of the five biggest mistakes people tend to make....when faced with a tornado warning.

5. Ignoring tornado warnings. Many people think they simply won't be affected. Experts call it the 'cry wolf' syndrome. Many just don't believe the warnings are legitimate, and do nothing.

4. Waiting too long to seek shelter. A study of the deadly Joplin, Missouri tornado back in 2011 revealed many people didn't react quickly enough, despite warnings and sirens.

3. Looking out the window or opening a window.

"That's an old myth, that you can equate the pressure in the house," says Jay Prater, KAKE News Chief Meteorologist. "Trust me, a tornado with winds in excess of 100 miles per hour, the windows and doors will open themselves."

The 2nd biggest mistake made during a tornado warning- no access to warnings. Not owning a weather radio or having text alert apps on your phone is simply inviting trouble.

And coming in at number one- taking shelter in the wrong place. if you're in a car, getting out and waiting under an overpass, is a very bad idea. When in your house, don't ever hide out in your garage.

"Get as low as you can and as small a room as you can, towards the middle of the house," says Prater. "Obviously, there's some flexibility there. Underneath stairwells and basements are good places."

If your home does not have a basement, never enter crawl spaces, especially if your house is built on a concrete block foundation. You could be in danger of being crushed.

Posted by: Nick Viviani