Medical Records Found In Topeka Dumpster

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- When Jim Bunker was moving into a new office building at 1725 SW Gage Ave. in Topeka, he found something disturbing when he went to throw some stuff into a dumpster behind his building.

Bunker was shocked to find confidential medical records, complete with names, phone numbers, and social security numbers from several midwest states.

"I knew what they were the second I opened up that lid. I was just in total disbelief, I was in shock."

Bunker is a claims agent and executive director for the National Gulf War Resource Center, so he knows first hand of the need to protect confidential records.

"You just put thousands of people's lives at risk," he said. "How many times have you done this?"

With that in mind, he called the Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt's Office.

"In the morning the records were still there. The people who done this should be prosecuted."

Derek Schmidt's office confirmed getting Jim's alert on Thursday. AG Spokesman Clint Blaes told 13 News the documents were taken from the scene to prevent any further possible disclosure. Blaes said the AG's office is investigating the matter, and had no further comment Friday.

The Attorney General's office says Kansas law requires businesses to shred, erase or otherwise modify records with personal info to make it unreadable when disposing of those records. Information on their web site states the situation also could violate federal laws, such as the Privacy Act.

Posted by: Nick Viviani