Fort Riley Begins Integrated Training

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FORT RILEY, Kan. (WIBW) - Fort Riley is using new technology to integrate training systems.

Leaders and Soldiers from three 1st Infantry Division brigades and the division headquarters have conducted integrated and simultaneous live, virtual and constructive training.

The training is the first of its kind held at Fort Riley and will validate new and innovative technology that allows the three independent Army training systems to work together.

"It’s making the most of the resources we have and allowing those resources to integrate, where as in the past they have not been able to integrate in this type of environment," said Major Andy Dugger of Fort Riley. "So by doing so it truly takes our battalions that are doing the training, and instead of going to a gunnery at a crawl phase are able to go to into a gunnery at a higher level because they’ve been able to go through repetitions several times."

Through the integration of the systems, the Army and Fort Riley will improve training. Leaders say more efficient virtual training means a better performance out in the field.

"What is new to us is it’s new to the commanders and the staffs," said Major Matthew Provost of Fort Leavenworth. "So the commanders and the staffs are now seeing a much richer operating picture. They call it a common operating picture. So they’re seeing a much richer picture of more units, more combat maneuvers that they have at their hands to fight the fight."

Fort Riley is the sixth installation to use this new technology, but they expect every Army installation will be using it over time.