Junction City Children's Choir Trying To Replace Lost Funds

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JUNCTION CITY, Kan. (AP) _ A group of northeast Kansas children is scrambling to come up with money to fund a trip to Colorado after thousands of dollars was stolen from their travel fund.

The choir had been selling candy bars and performing around Junction City to raise money for a trip to Colorado Springs after the end of the school year. However, those plans might change due to the actions of someone closely tied to the choir.

"We received a report of some discrepancies in the Geary County Children’s Choir accounting," said Detective Sergeant Trish Giordano. "We did a little bit of checking and discovered that about $10,000 in cash deposits were not made into the account, leading to the arrest of the financial director at that time, Glen Irwin."

The choir was unable to make the first payment of more than $8,000 in January because of the theft and must now make a double payment to the tour company in February.

The 60 choir members are scheduled to perform in February for the Kansas Music Educators Association.