One Broken Elevator Is Now Fully Operating At Topeka Complex

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - We have good news to report about broken elevators at the Saint Gregory apartment building.

One elevator inside 635 Southwest Harrison is fully operating again.
Tenants complained to 13 News that both of the building's elevators had been down since December 18th.

Many residents are elderly or have a disability, making it difficult or impossible to use the stairs in the eight story building.

The building's local landlord, Michael Cusick, would not tell 13 News why the elevators were down for so long.

There also is no word on when the second elevator will be fixed.

The elevators are still not working at a Topeka apartment building, leaving some people stranded in their homes

Many people who live at the Saint Gregory Apartments at 635 Southwest Harrison are older or have a disability. For them, an elevator is a necessity and they say they have been without one on and off since May.

Joshua Morrison lives on the fourth floor of 635 SW Harrison. He says he has hip and knee problems and depends on the building's 2 elevators to come and go, but he says they have been broken since December 18th.

"And I have to walk up and down the stairs 8 stories up and down the stairs, so it has been a very big problem for me," says Morrison.

It's also a problem for Paul Vamos.

"Well it's hard for me to get up and down the stairs. I can do it, I mean I've had a doctor tell me if I have to use the stairs don't do it. I mean I have to go places," says Vamos.

Morrison and Vamos say there are other people with disabilities living in the eight-story building who can't even leave their rooms.

"They're are people up on the 8th floor that are stuck. I mean they can't go down 8 flights of stairs," said Vamos.

"They are stuck up there. They can't go nowhere!" says Morrison.

Records from the Shawnee County Appraiser show the building's owner, St. Gregory LLC, with an address in Herndon, Virginia.

The local landlord, Michael Cusick has not returned our calls for comment.

Morrison has a message for him.

"Michael, you need to be answering your phone and fixing the problem with this building! I am tired of it. Have a nice day," he says.

A person who identified himself as a maintenance worker told 13 News a part to fix the elevator is expected to arrive Thursday, but so far, residents say repairs have not been made.

Topeka Fire Chief Greg Bailey told 13 News they are aware of this problem and the department is monitoring closely.

Shawnee County Treasurer reports show that the building owes nearly $36,000 in taxes.