Weekend Snowfall Reports

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TOPEKA, Kan. (NWS) -- The capital city turned into a winter wonderland which had Topekans shoveling and snow blowing their yards Sunday.

Many local churches cancelled or delayed services Sunday morning due to the weekend storm and when the roads turn white, Topeka street maintenance crews have all hands on deck.

"At this point we got 13 trucks running with snow plows and material spreaders. We will without a doubt have crews running all day today and all night tonight to get this cleaned up," said Ron Raines, Superintendent of Transportation Operations, on Sunday afternoon.

Some areas of Topeka had about 3 inches of snow and and the Shawnee County Sheriff's Office urges you to take a few safety precautions before you drive on the roadways.

"Make sure all the snow is cleared from your windshield, the back windshield and to the side. And also make sure your headlights and taillights are all clear so that way people can see your turn signals and your headlights," says Corporal Steve Evans from the Shawnee County Sheriff's Office.

Evans says many car accidents are caused by windshield blockage and he says avoid driving on the slick roads.

"If you don't have to get out, please stay home," he says.

Evans also says to avoid quick acceleration and quick braking while driving and keep a safe distance between you and the drivers in front of you.

Northeast Kansas started with freezing rain and sleet on Saturday before it turned to all snow by Sunday

Baileyville 11"
Waterville 10.8"
Chapman 10.1"
Blue Rapids 10"
Abilene 9"
Enterprise 9"
Clay Center 9"
Barnes 8.8"
Manhattan 8.5"
Olsburg 8.5"
Junction City 8"
Riley 8"
Blain 8"
Havensville: 8"
Keats 8"
Centralia 8"
Axtell 7.7"
Lillis 7.5"
Hiawatha 7.5"
Robinson 7.5"
Linn 7"
Greenleaf 7"
Herrington 7"
Minneapolis 6.5"
Wakefield 6.5"
White City 6.1"
Sabetha 6"
Admire 6"
Westmoreland 6"
Leonardville 6"
Meriden 6"
Holton 5.8"
Lawrence 5.4"
Aurora 5"
Horton 5"
Green (Clay Co) 5"
Eskridge 4.5"
Grantville 4"
Rossville 3.5"
Concordia 3.2"
Topeka 3.1"
Emporia 3"
Osage City 3"
Glasco 3"
Perry 3"
Tecumseh 2.7"
Ottawa 2.6"
Lane 1.9"

If there were multiple reports in a particular city the highest total was taken for this article.
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