Overbrook Standoff Suspects Had Long Criminal Records

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OVERBROOK, Kan. (WIBW) - Two suspects, one of whom was already on Topeka's Most Wanted list and both of whom had long criminal histories, were both captured Tuesday after a long standoff in an Overbrook apartment complex that lasted well into the evening.

Thomas C. Kent, 39, and Linda K. Woods, 32, were both taken into custody, according to Osage Co. Sheriff Laurie Dunn. Kent was arrested on Shawnee Co. warrant for failure to appear for sentencing after being convicted of an Aggravated Weapons Violation. Woods faces three felony warrants, also in Shawnee Co.

Following the standoff, authorities searched the apartment where the standoff happened and said they found guns and ammunition.

According to the Osage Co. Sheriff's Office, the standoff began around noon when deputies went to serve a Shawnee Co. arrest warrant.

"The subject opened the door, the door closed and basically a standoff ensued," Osage County Sheriff Laurie Dunn said.

Not long after the confrontation began, Woods left the the apartment and was detained. Kent, though, remained in the home. Officials had evacuated the building and began negotiating with him.

"We just had to secure an area but you still have to be cautious because you don't know who else is there," Dunn said. "We asked all other residents to leave for their own safety because you don't know what's going to happen in a situation like this. When someone doesn't want to come out, you have a tendency to believe they could be armed."

With verbal negotiations unsuccessful, authorities entered the building at almost 8 p.m. and took Kent into custody. It was then that authorities found guns and ammunition inside Kent's apartment.

He was taken to the hospital before being taken to the Shawnee Co. Jail. No other injuries were reported.

Dunn said the situation went smoothly, when it could have gone in the opposite direction.

"The situation went really well considering the weather. We got the agencies to assist us, which is excellent, because it helped us out tremendously. Our neighboring officers, city and counties have to work together to make a bad situation turn into a good situation."

According to the Kansas Adult Supervised Population Electronic Repository, the Topeka Police Department placed Kent on their Most Wanted felon list after he allegedly failed to register as violent offender in September.

Just a month earlier, Kent skipped a sentencing hearing just days after he pleaded no contest to criminal possession and no drug tax stamp charges that stemmed from an May 2013 arrest.

In 2011, he was also jailed for drug possession and fleeing police. His record shows arrests in in Waubaunsee Co. in 2009 and 1999 in Riley Co. for theft and attempted kidnapping respectively as well.

Woods record shows five criminal cases related to drug and forgery-related cases between 2005 and 2013. She was listed as a criminal absconder on November 15 and did not show up for sentencing on a theft charge a week later.