Tamesha Lee's Father Says It Wasn't A Random Act | Quadruple Homicide

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TOPEKA, Kansas (WIBW) -- Its been 4 weeks since Tamesha Lee, Eric Avery, and Marvin Woods were shot and killed in a December 1st quadruple homicide at 1629 SW Central Park. Police found Carla Avery by a dumpster near a shopping center at 21st and Central Park with at least one gunshot wound to the head. She later died in a hospital emergency room.

Tamesha Lee's father, Paul Lee, says he would do anything to bring his only daughter back into his life again.

"For someone to take her life, and the rest of them's life in this fashion is just heinous...coward as I would say," said Paul.

Although Topeka Police have still not released any names of suspects or any new information in this case, Paul says he does not believe it was a random act of violence.

"I think it was a planned act of violence. I have my own theories. Tamesha and the other people knew who these people were. I heard it was thundercats, that's what I call them in some sort of robbery on Carla. I do believe that somebody saw something. Its been told to me that a neighbor came out but are too afraid to go to the police," says Paul.

The 4 victims have been laid to rest, but Paul says justice has not been served.

"I'm broken-hearted. I'm very broken-hearted, like I said I believe she is with God now. She is in the grave and resting, but I'm still very angry about this whole situation. This should have been something that never happened," says Paul.

Crime Stoppers is still offering an $8,000 reward for any information leading to arrests in this case.

Topeka Police Wednesday told 13 News there is no new information in the December 1st quadruple homicide at 1629 SW Central Park and now a family member of one of the victims spoke with 13 News.

Tamesha lee's aunt, Alvi McGlory, says Tamesha was a talented singer and enjoyed making people laugh and she misses her tremendously.

It's been a little over one week since Tamesha Lee, Eric Avery and Marvin Woods were found dead inside the home at 1629 SW Central Park.

Carla Avery was found shot several blocks away -she later died. Tamesha Lee lived with her aunt, Alvi McGlory. Alvi says she spoke with Tamesha that Sunday morning just a few hours before she was killed.

"I said 'Tamesha I'm going to get out of church in time', she said 'okay just make sure you pick me up', and when she didn't call me I didn't really think about it, then I started worrying where my niece was," said Alvi.

Topeka Police told Alvi the horrible news and then she called Tamesha's mother.

"And I asked them if I could tell her that it was her daughter, and she didn't believe me on the phone," said Alvi.

Alvi says she doesn't know who did this or why this happened.

"Tamesha doesn't have enemies, I think she was just at the wrong place at the wrong time," said Alvi.

Alvi says she wants her kind hearted niece to have the recognition she deserves.

"Tamesha had one of the biggest hearts, if she would give you her last, she might gripe about it later, but if she had it to give she would give it to you," said Alvi.

Alvi says Tamesha's family has gotten some help with funeral costs, but needs more. There's a fundraiser at Boobie Trap bar Wednesday night, a place Tamesha loved to sing.

Topeka police have released no new details regarding the city's first quadruple homicide in at least four decades. Monday, Pastor David Helms told 13 News of memorial services set for 3 of the victims.

Memorial services for Carla and Eric Avery will be held Thursday at 11a.m. at Mt. Caramel Baptist Church, 610 SE Lime Street. And also in Kansas City, Kansas this Friday at Mt. Olive Church, 1226 Armstrong, at 1p.m.

Memorial services for Marvin Woods will be this Saturday at 1p.m. at Lawrence/Jones Mortuary in Kansas City, Missouri.

The victims were identified as Eric Avery, Tamesha Lee, Marvin Woods, and Carla Avery.

"Our family comes before you, devastated, with heavy hearts," said Lee's family in a statement released on Friday. "On December 1st, our beautiful, gifted, songstress Tamesha Lee unexpectedly was taken from us through senseless and cowardly violence."

"The gift of life is precious and a gift from God," they continued. "Today, in this very moment as you read this challenge and demand of you as human beings to rise up and speak up."

Last Wednesday, another friend and family member are speaking out.

Eric Avery's former girlfriend, Karmen Nard said she and Eric have a 9 -year-old son together. Nard told 13 News Eric went to 1629 southwest Central Park to watch the Chiefs football game Sunday afternoon.

"He told his boys, ' I will be back as soon as the game is over', and he never came home," cries Nard.

Nard's son called her when he found out that his father had been shot and killed .

"He got off the phone and said they killed my daddy," says Nard, "it's very hard, you would never think something like this would happen to your family, your friends, your close friends, you would never think like something like this would happen," said Nard.

Police found Carla Avery by a dumpster near a shopping center at 21st and Central Park with at least one gunshot wound to her head. She died in a hospital emergency room Tuesday. Carla Avery's daughter, Erica Avery says when she found out the news, she was in disbelief.

"I feel hurt, I felt like my heart is heavy," said Erica.

Erica says she wants her mother to be remembered for the good person she was.

"She was blessed she didn't deserve this, my momma tried to help everybody, if she knew you, she would help you in a bad situation," says Erica.

Karmen Nard and Erica Avery say they hope that the police can find out who did this and they hope to have answers soon.

At 4:30 Wednesday morning, Topeka Police were called to 1629 Southwest Central Park, the same home where Tamesha Lee, Eric Avery, and Marvin Woods were found dead Sunday night.

When officers arrived they located 23-year-old Jamal T. Booker and 29-year-old Reginald M. Rucker in the backyard with property from inside the home. The address had been released from being a crime scene at midnight Tuesday.

Topeka Police say the two were booked on charges of burglary, theft, criminal damage, and obstruction at the residence.

The fourth victim of Sunday's shooting in central Topeka, Carla Jean Avery, succumbed to her injuries on Tuesday, making the incident the first quadruple homicide in the city's history, according to a Topeka Police Dept. spokesperson.

The incident accounts for nearly half of the city's 10 homicides this year, six of which remain unsolved.

Avery, 45, was they first victim discovered on Sunday. Two teens found her critically injured behind Johnnie's Place, 1225 SW 21st Street, around 4:00 p.m. and called police.

Their investigation took them to a car wash parking lot, at the corner of 21st and Central Park, where a vehicle believed to belong to Avery was found.

Investigators then went to Avery's home where they found the other three victims, who authorities had previously identified as Eric Christopher Avery, 43; Marvin Louis Woods, 56; and Tamesha Lee, 34. Major Jerry Stanley told 13 News all three died from gunshots.

Although no information about a possible suspect has been released yet, police say there is no larger threat to the public.

CrimeStoppers has committed up to $8,000 for information that may lead to an arrest in the case. Anyone has information regarding this case is asked to call Detectives at 368-9400 or Crime Stoppers at 234-0007. Tips can also be taken at Topekacrimestoppers.com or text to “Crimes” 274637 and start the message with “Top Tip".

All divisions of the police department and members of the Shawnee Co. Sheriff's Office, KBI Crime Scene Investigation Unit, and federal officials have all joined in the investigation.

The home on Central Park is the scene of a still unsolved homicide in 2007. That incident was originally considered a suicide involving 16 year-old Michael Torneden. Police later ruled the case a homicide.

The home is also the location of a "shots fired" incident in 2010 and is listed on the KBI registered offender list as having a drug offender living there.

Read about the 2010 case here, to 2007 case here. and to view the registry here.

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation's offender registry shows the shooting victim, 45-year-old Carla Jean Avery, was convicted for an August 2010 arrest of possessing cocaine with intent to distribute and registered as a drug offender at the 1629 address.

Also, Eric Avery was under Kansas Department of Corrections parole supervision in Shawnee County out of Missouri.

The Missouri Department of Corrections website shows he was convicted of robbery and armed criminal action.

Marvin Woods has prior convictions in Shawnee County for criminal damage to property and domestic battery.

Carla Jean Avery