Boeing 747 Lands At Wrong Wichita Airport

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WICHITA, Kans A Boeing jet is sitting on the runway at Wichita's Jabara Airport - and may be stuck there for awhile.

Elizabeth Cory with the Federal Aviation Administration in Washington tells KAKE News a Boeing 747 LCF Dreamlifter landed at Jabara around 10:20 Wednesday night. Statements from the city of Wichtia confirm the cargo plane was heading for McConnell Air Force Base.

It's not clear if the jet landed at Jabara by mistake, or for some other reason. Cory says the F.A.A. will investigate that deviation from schedule. But radio transmissions posted online suggest the crew thought it landed at Beechcraft.

Boeing sent a tug to Jabara Airport to turn around the jet. It had a law enforcement escort, because it had a top speed of about 13 miles per hour. But a Sheriff's Department officer told KAKE News the tug reached the airport in about 30 minutes.

Several people tell KAKE News the Dreamlifter is too large for the Jabara runway. It also may be too big for takeoff from Jabara's 6,100-foot runway.

The Wichita Airport Authority tells KAKE News it is assembling a "packet of information" for the media, concerning what happened.

The jet reportedly is owned by Atlas Air of Purchase, New York, and had a two-person crew.

Wichita emergency crews say they were not sent to the airport, so no one was injured in the landing. No property damage is reported at Jabara.

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