Mad Deer?

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Hunting is a passion that drives many to the fields, rain or shine and news of a deer infected with chronic wasting disease in Kansas startled Ken Corbit, ”Hunting is a multi-million dollar deal just like the beef industry, so everybody's got their ears up."

This week the Kansas Wildlife Parks and Recreation Commission released information on what they believe is the first confirmable case of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in a Kansas deer.

The disease, similar to Mad-Cow, is not new in deer but scientists don't know a lot about it.

Professor Ron Ash, a biology professor at Washburn University says when a human eats an infected animal they can get the disease and are expected to die in a year, "There is no way to stop it, there are no cures for those diseases that's basically because the nerve cells in the brain have been destroyed and there's no way to replace them."

But he says there are no confirmable cases of a human getting the disease from a deer right now although he says people should take precaution, "Obviously if a hunter sees a deer that's acting in a peculiar fashion you shouldn't eat the meat but i don't think it's a time to panic."

The symptoms are similar to other animals and deer would likely have trouble walking.

Ken Corbit says people should know more about the disease, “The big thing they need to get out are for people if they see something to learn the symptoms."

He hopes Wildlife Parks and Rec. will introduce legislation for monitoring deer in February.