New Developments Regarding 2 Heated City Contract Issues

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In a journal entry released Tuesday morning by Shawnee County District Court judge Larry Hendricks says the contractual documents the city used to acquire a second police helicopter are void.

It also states that Municipal Services Group Inc. must withdraw from any dealings with the city for a new helicopter.

The company also agreed the city is entitled to a refund of a $74,000 down payment for the chopper. However, they are not at liberty to issue the refund because the money went to Schreib-Air. Municipal Services also agreed to stay out of any dealing for a software program for the city complying with the court ruling. They will not defend the action further in court.

D.A. Robert Hecht says this "clarifies and gives greater credibility to the position taken by the state."

The rest of the chopper lawsuit defendants including the city of Topeka remain listed in the lawsuit. Hecht says it may be fall before a District Court date is set.