Daughter Of Woman Killed In Natural Gas Explosion Files Suit

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)__The daughter of the Topeka woman killed in a 2012 natural gas explosion that leveled her home has filed a wrongful death suit.

Erin Thurston filed a 6 count lawsuit against Kansas Gas Service and N-Line Lawn Service of Wetmore, asking in excess of $75,000 on each count.

On January 30, of 2012, N-Line was putting in a sprinkler system for Lucinia Tollivers neighbor. Just after 10 A.M. the N-Line worker's excavator hit a gas line and just after 11:30 a huge explosion leveled the home, and Tolliver who was 81, died 4 days later.

The wrongful death suit cites negligence and state law violations against N-Line and Kansas Gas Service.

N-Line for failing to call 911 for emergency personnel and Kansas Gas Service for failing to have emergency procedures in place.

In April of this year the Kansas Corporation Commission fined N-Line $5,000 and ordered Kansas Gas to develop an emergency response plan.