Investigation into Shooting Involving Off-Duty TPD Officers Continues

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It's not clear how much longer it will be before an investigation into a March shooting involving off-duty Topeka police officers might be complete.

27-year old Daniel Llamas and his 18-year old brother were shot in the early morning hours of March 18th. Officers had been called to Daniel Llamas' home in the 7400 block of southwest 25th for noise complaints earlier in the evening.

Four off-duty officers were involved in the incident.

Shawnee County District Attorney Robert Hecht says ballistics reports from the KBI aren't complete yet. He says those are needed before he can complete his review of the case.

The llamas' attorney, Pedro Irigonegaray, says the brothers are cooperating with the investigation. He says they are waiting to see how the criminal investigation unfolds before deciding whether to pursue any civil action against the city or the officers.

"Suffice to say this family has been horrifically injured and have very significant damages," Irigonegaray said. "We will study all of our options."