2012 Holiday Lights Contest Winner Announced

The award-winning house is at 2819 SW Cannock Chase, of Don and Tammy Meeks.
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- The perfect combination of red, green and gold, all the traditional colors of Christmas, decorates the home of Don and Tammy Meeks.

Their decorations made them the winners of the 2012 Holiday Lights Contest. Their home was the lucky one out of about 35 homes in the Shawnee County area to win the prize of $500 dollars.

Each year the Topeka Chamber of Commerce organizes a team of judges and ambassadors to set out to find the home with the most Christmas spirit. They divide Shawnee County into four sections and each team picks the best from each sections. The homes are then narrowed down to a final vote. This year it went to the Meekses at 2819 SW Cannock Chase.

The judges called their light display "symmetrical and beautiful."

Although home owner Don Meeks puts up his lights with precision each year, he said he was surprised to win the award. He said he told his kids he was going to scale back this year, but they told him he had to put up all the lights, just like he does every year.

"It's tradition," he said. "It's been a really trying week with everything that's happened, not only in Connecticut, but here. This kind of takes a break from that. I was able to have friends and family over. Our hearts and prayers and thoughts go out to the families."

Don and Tammy said the money will go toward last-minute Christmas gifts... and their electricity bill.