2 Arrested For Newton Blowgun Attack

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NEWTON, Kan. (WIBW) -- Two people have been arrested in connection with a blowgun attack on two young girls in Newton.

Marcus Eveland, 32, was arrested on charges of aggravated battery and aggravated assault. Nastassja Mumford, 29, was arrested for obstructing an investigation.

Two Newton girls said they were swimming in Sand Creek earlier this month when they got too close to fishermen. The girls said the anglers followed them to a bike path, picked up blow guns and started firing darts. A dart hit one of the girls in the foot. She was treated for her wound.

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Newton Police are asking for their community's help in finding a man and woman who allegedly shot blow darts at two young girls while they were swimming.

Saturday was the first time the two young girls went back to the Sand Creek in Newton where the incident happened a week and a half ago.

A week and a half ago Jodi Tillman, 14, and Kenzie Leahird, 12, were said to be swimming in the creek and annoyed some fishermen for getting too close to their lines.

"They told me to kill myself and that I was ugly and fat,"said Tillman.

That's when things escalated near the popular bike trail along the creek.

"Then they came up here, picked up blow guns, some darts over 3 inches long and started firing at the kids," said Jodi's mother Janelle Tillman.

One of those darts hit Jodi in the foot. She says it went an inch and a half deep. Another barely missed Leahird's Head.

"Really scary," added Leahird. "I mean I tried to get out of there as fast as I could."

"Very very mad. I want them to be caught," said Janelle Tillman.

Janelle Tillman reported the incident to the Newton Police. Driving the Department to post a flyer on their Facebook page
in hopes the community can help find the two people connected with the aggravated battery and aggravated assault.

"The chick had burgundy hair, they're both probably in their thirties or forties and the guy was balding," said Jodi Tillman.

Since the incident, the girls have been pretty shaken up, not wanting to leave their homes. They hope the couple will be found and charged soon.

"I hope that they're caught and that most people in Newton can feel safe," said Leahird.

Jodi Tillman was treated for the dart injury and is doing fine now. The girls told KAKE's Ben Jordan they met with a Newton officer Saturday to review a line-up of potential suspects. They said they couldn't share any more details on the investigation, but are hopeful charges will come soon.