Cold Case

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It was a late night it March of 1993. Fidelity Bank had closed hours before, but police think someone sat in the parking lot waiting for a victim.

Meanwhile, police believe 25-year-old Troy Koepke was just finishing work at the Sirloin Stockade at Huntoon and Wanamaker.

"He seemed to be well liked by all of his employees, his supervisor, he rose quickly in the business," said Major Randy Mills with the Topeka Police Department.

After wrapping up at the restaurant, he had one last task just blocks down the road.

"At the end of the day he was responsible for making the night deposit to the Fidelity Bank at 21st and Westport," said Mills.

The same bank where police believe that suspect had a plan, a plan that would eventually take Troy's life.

"He was shot and robbed of those receipts. He died right there at the scene inside his car," said Mills.

A mall security guard found his body, starting an investigation that would take several turns.

"We ran a lot of leads in this particular case. We looked at the background of all the employees at the restaurant amongst other things, talked to all the employees," said Mills.

That came up dry, so police hoped something else might spark some clues.

"We found some cigarette butts near the bank in a position where somebody could've been watching the deposit box," said Mills.

Police hopped those cigarette butts would give the clues they needed, but that went up in smoke and the case went cold.

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