Brother to Testify Against Brother in Nacole Winter Homicide

Anthony Hall
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The brother of a man accused in the brutal killing of a Topeka teenager struck a deal in Shawnee County District Court Monday.

Anthony Hall pleaded guilty to charges of attempted second degree murder, attempted rape and aiding a felon. Shawnee County District Attorney Robert Hecht told 13 News the attempted murder charge stems from the beating of a man and a woman in December 2006; the attempted rape charge involves an incident with a 26-year old woman in an apartment complex laundry room; and the aiding a felon charge has to do with the murder of Nacole Winter.

The 15-year old's partially burned body was found near Lake Shawnee in Secember 2006. Anthony Hall's brother Christopher is accused of killing Winter.

As part of his plea agreement, Anthony Hall will testify against Christopher Hall in the Winter homicide. Christopher Hall has been undergoing a psychiatric evaluation at Larned State Hospital. His case is set for a docket hearing June 19th.