Topeka Veterans Voice Hospital Concerns

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Shane Ransom and other VA patients have been making waves, sending letters to Senator Pat Roberts about what they call the hospital's poor living conditions.

Ransom says he is concerned about the conditions at the Topeka facility, including sanitary conditions and what he calls a "lack of recreational activities."

He took his complaints to Roberts, but says the VA is not being entirely honest in its reply to the senator.

He says the VA treats patients like children, not allowing them the freedom come and go as they would prefer, and not providing enough recreational fun.
The VA admits a shortage of doctors and nurses is a problem. Ransom says that's making life miserable for the vets, even claiming nurses have prescribed medication to patients.

"The facilities are disgusting, we've had to shut down bathrooms on the weekends because they're unsanitary, we've had patients mop the restrooms," he said.

The VA's public affairs department said they take compliments and complaints very seriously. They say the veterans' concerns are also their concerns.