Woman Uses Internet to Reunite Families

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Judy Carrow, a Topeka resident, couldn't stand not helping Hurricane Katrina evacuees.

Diagnosed with Ménière's Disease three years ago, Carrow has been confined mostly to her home.

Low funds kept her from donating, so she searched for a way she could help.

She found one on her computer, “It’s kind of a love story, it's one that will get a lot of people, it gets me still."

There are many websites attempting to reunite disconnected families, but none of the lists are the same, making it very hard for families to find each other.

Carrow started monitoring a website that listed missing persons, and then she began to compare lists from different websites.

The name Quentin Reed was listed as a man relocated to Arkansas on one list and as a missing person by a woman, Debby Edge, who had been relocated to Texas.

Carrow, called Edge at the Astrodome, "I called the number and asked her, Debby have you heard from Quentin Reed? And she started screaming."

Carrow quickly called the First Baptist Church in Alma, Arkansas and the church verified it was the same Quentin Reed, “I said yes, it's your Quentin, and she just let out this big scream, "they found my Quentin.""

Edge and Reed, an engaged couple from New Orleans had been separated after Quentin Reed went to get his paycheck.

Flood waters forced both of them to flee to the Superdome, but they never crossed paths.

Then they were sent in opposite directions. Reed to Arkansas, Edge to Texas.

After Judy Carrow found the separated couple they were reunited at the Astrodome, “When you see two people that were so longing and so desperate to find each other, connect and there's not words, can explain the feeling."

Judy Carrow is hoping that others will help her reunite families.

She says you can contact her by email at katrinavictims@sbcglobal.net