Drugs Appear To Be Involved In KC Team's Forfeit To Topeka West

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-- Drugs appear to be involved in a Kansas City school's forfeited girls basketball game against Topeka West Tuesday.

Tuesday, 13 Sports reported the Kansas City Harmon High School girls team forfeited its game at Topeka West. A source told 13 Sports Director JB Bauersfeld that the team was in route to Topeka when when it was discovered that some of the players were using drugs.

Wednesday, the Kansas City Police Department confirmed that a bag of marijuana found on the bus was turned into the police department. According to KCPD, a student found the bag on the bus and gave it to a coach. The coach then gave the marijuana to school security officers.

No charges had been filed Wednesday morning. Police said they could not determine who on the bus had the bag of pot. The drugs may have been present before the team boarded the bus for their game in Topeka.

The Harmon school district called the girls game forfeit "an internal disciplinary issue," and would not comment further.

An investigation into the team incident continues.

The Harmon versus Topeka West Boys game was played Tuesday. Topeka West won the game.

There is no indication the boys team had any involvement in the drug related incident.