Life Sentence Upheld For Topeka Man Convicted of Murder, Rape

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-- The Kansas Supreme Court has upheld a life sentence for a Topeka man convicted of raping and killing a Burger King co-worker back in 2008.

In his 2009 trial, Deon Ross pleaded no contest in the brutal murder of then 18-year-old Alheli Alcantara of Topeka. Ross and Alcantara were co-workers at a Topeka Burger King.

Alcantara was stabbed several times in the throat, and Ross then dumped her body near an Manhattan hotel.

A Pottawatomie County District Court judge handed Ross a life sentence without parole for 20 years, adding another 5 years for kidnapping. A rape charge was dropped in return for his no contest pleas.

In February, Ross appealed the 20 years plus 5 consecutive sentences and a lifetime of post release supervision. Friday, the supreme court ruled the consecutive sentences were just because of Ross's lack of compassion in the brutal killing.

The court did overturn the lifetime of post release supervision ruling that it should be a parole matter, not a sentencing decision. That part of Ross' sentence will be returned to Pottawatomie District Court.