Near Record Earthquake Shakes Topeka

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A near record-breaking earthquake at magintude 5.2 shook Southern Illinois in the early morning hours Friday. The earthquake was felt right here in the state of Kansas.

Dorothy Bowman who lives off Huntoon street in Topeka says she was lying in bed when she felt her bed shake, "My bed just shook and I wasn't really sure what it was, at first I though it was my husband trying to make me up, then when I saw it all on TV I realized it was an earthquake.”

Bowman says she was even more concerned since she lives on the 6th floor of the Luther Place apartment building.

Hard for some to believe that the earthquake could be felt as far away as Topeka and Manhattan since the epicenter is about 500 miles from here in West Salem Illinois.

The earthquake could also be felt as far south as the state of Georgia and as far north as the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The earthquake is being reported as a near record for that area of southeast Illinois who experienced a 5.4 earthquake in 1964, according to the U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Hazards Program.

Near the epicenter in Mt. Carmel Illinois a school suffered structural damage, those living there shaken at 4:30 Friday morning.

"The building was just shaking and swaying real bad, that woke us up was glass breaking and the TV hitting the floor in the bedroom,” said Mamie Feldman.

In St. Louis Missouri portions of Kingshighway over pass was closed after pieces of it fell to the ground below.

There where also reports of damage as far away as Louisville Kentucky, where bricks from buildings lined the streets.

"When the bed started shaking I had no idea what was going on and it seemed to last about 30 seconds or so," Connie Collins of Loisville said.

Geosythisis Waverly Persons says these reports from all over are not uncommon, "Earthquakes east of the Rockies are felt over a very wide area that has been happening ever since having earthquakes over there, so that's not unusual at all."

What is unusual persons’ said was the strong 4.6 after shock at 10:15 Friday morning; an after shock almost as strong as the quake itself.

No one was killed or injured in the earthquake.